Crooked Road began with Scott Vocca and Vicki Gish in 2003 as a traditional group and spin-off from the Orlando’s popular
EOWS sessions. Through the years, the session has attracted traditional musicians from all over the world passing through O-town looking for tunes and a good night of craic, as well as an influx of talented, dedicated locals. Quickly, Crooked Road became the house band for the Claddagh Cottage, performing each year for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Crooked Road has been inspired to keep the traditional of Irish music alive by many of the great musicians before us, and those crossing our paths. As is with tradition, our aim is to learn tunes by ear, and pick settings of the music that fit with our abilities and various regions in Ireland. Jigs, reels, polkas and waltz’s and a lively hornpipe or two line the set-lists for our performances, as well as an occasional song from Scott. We’ve been privileged to keep the music going in the Central Florida area, and hope you enjoy this rich, beautiful traditional, too.

Vicki Gish has been playing Irish fiddle since the late 1990's. At age 12 she took up the viola in the rich musical town of Austin, Texas. As an adult, she discovered the addictive nature of Irish tunes and was drawn in immediately by the simplicity and beauty of the music. Her main influences are the playing of Kevin Burke, Willie Kelly, and Patrick Ourceau, among others.

Scott Vocca began playing the banjo at age 13 after seeing Steve Martin on SNL. He played punk rock in the 1980's, bluegrass in the '90's and Irish music in 2000 when he and Vicki played in a folk rock band. Scott has been playing tenor banjo and mandocello with the band since its inception.

Kathleen Cavanagh, a later addition to Crooked Road, has been playing the uilleann pipes somewhere in the middle of the "21 years to become a piper"... a phrase coined by the late, great uilleann piper, Seamus Ennis. She was taken by the playing of Kieran O'Hare while listening to a live performance of The Green Fields of America somewhere in the 1990's, and that was it for her. Additionally she fills out the band with her tin whistle playing and amazing facial expressions. Her main influences and inspiration come from the playing and philosophies of Benedict Koehler, Brian McNamara, Mick O’Brien , Seamus Ennis, Tommy Reck and Leo Rowsome. And Joe Heaney. Kathleen created and maintains a website for all of the Florida Irish Piper sas well as those looking for a good session in the Sunshine State. She enjoys performing as a soloist for various churches of all denominations throughout the Central Florida area.

We enjoy also playing with flutist/guitar/singer
Justin Murphy who also plays with the Central Florida Band Lift. Justin is not only a brilliant musician, but an amazing chef and runs Murphy’s Meats and Pies, British and Irish Inspired Food.